The Beginner’s Guide To Antique Carpathian Burl Bedroom Furniture

Purchasing any item of antique furniture requires some knowledge, but any individual showing and interest in antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture must have specialist knowledge of items in that classification before actually making a purchase. Antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture is most definitely in a class of its own so read on to learn more!

Antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture is undoubtedly beautiful. It has a classic quality that is positively unique but is soft and elegant in appearance rather than chunky and heavy. They are also extremely valuable and present a real investment opportunity as well as bringing a touch of class to your bedroom.

Antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture is loved the world over by antique collectors because the pieces bring a lightness to any room without being overbearing. They will draw attention because of their opulence, which is generally what an antique collector craves. The admiration of others is a massive plus and gives pieces from this class of antique an advantage over most other antiques. They have been described as Victorian in the sense that they do dominate a room but have a modern feel to them that enables them to fit into any home with almost any type of d├ęcor.

Searching out the right antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture does require a little patience. The collection and availability of these items is extremely good, but the choice does mean that it is necessary to shop around before settling on the pieces that best suit both you and your home. You should definitely put a lot of thought and consideration into each piece before choosing the right one for you!

It may in fact be a good idea to have set characteristics or requirements before you begin shopping for antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture. If you do your research to see what is on the market beforehand then you will have a great idea of the sense of style and class that would best suit you. Although you may not find something to exactly match your specifications, you may well find something in the same vein.

There is one golden rule when it comes to purchasing antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture. Stick to a budget! Antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture can be extremely expensive and its natural beauty will, more often than not, force you to become carried away! You will always get your money’s worth but should avoid getting into debt at all costs! Formulating a budget in advance may restrict you as to what you can spend and the amount of furniture you can buy, but it will ensure that you enjoy your antique Carpathian burl bedroom furniture stress-free!

How To Choose And Install Kitchen Hardware To Enhance Design

Kitchen hardware creates the finishing touch to your cabinetry and the entire space in general. Even though it could be the very last thing you get to think about, it can greatly influence the feel and the look of the kitchen as a whole. The hardware choices you make for your kitchen cabinets and how you have it installed can determine the experience you have when using the kitchen. This is especially considering that you will be touching the hardware most times during the day and functionality should therefore play a great role.

Choosing the hardware

The budget should be amongst the things that guide you to kitchen cabinet hardware or furniture hardware that you need. Truth is the market has plenty of options in terms of the materials used in making the hardware and this can determine the prices of the pieces you are interested in. Solid, strong metal knobs for instance, are heavier and durable but can be a little expensive compared to plastic ones. Look at your budget but at the same time give attention to the functionality and value you get.

Choose a hardware style that befit your kitchen. You can use pulls on all items in the kitchen if you are more into a modern contemporary look or use pulls for drawers and knobs for the doors for your traditional kitchen. When looking at the options, also consider factors such as functionality of the hardware you choose on things such as tall wall cabinets or pantry cabinets. The looks do matter, but they should not compromise functionality of the hardware. With so many options readily available, you will definitely find something that works for your style preferences.

The finish cannot be ignored when looking at your kitchen hardware. The rest of the items in the kitchen can guide you in choosing the best finishes such as the metals on major appliances you have, fixtures faucets and sink among other items. The hardware finish will work best when it coordinates with the rest of the items or you can also settle for striking contrasts that make your space unique.

Installing the hardware

Ensure you have the right tools to make the installations or have a professional handle it for you. Poor installation will not only lead to poorly functioning hardware but can lead to damages.

Choose a hardware location that best serves the needs you have and you are most comfortable with. Hardware installed across the flat line of the center panel can work best for raised center panel cabinetry doors whereas flat center panel cabinetry doors gives you freedom to place the hardware anywhere at the top or bottom.

Use at least two knobs for larger drawers to make drawing easy and swift for you. You can determine how many knobs to use by the size of the drawer but they should be more than two because then one becomes useless.

Protecting Your Wood Patio Furniture From Winter Weather

When you batten down the hatches, turn up the heat and bundle up to keep out of the cold winter weather, do you ever consider what is happening to your patio furniture that is being left outside? While you may think those pieces are just inanimate objects, the truth is that your wood furniture is going to have to deal with some rough consequences of that weather change.

Here is a look at a few of the threats to your wood patio furniture:

Dryness – Often winter weather is very dry weather. You know how your lips and skin get dry and crack? Well the same thing can happen to wood furniture. In this case the drying and cracking can not only make the furniture less attractive, but also less sturdy.

Water Damage – Another threat is from that winter precipitation that is going to impact your furniture pieces. Once there is any cracking or splitting in the wood of the furniture, it becomes susceptible to water damage. What will happen is that rain or snow will fall on the furniture. Once it’s water, it will seep into the cracks of the wood and sit and wait. When the temperature dips overnight, it will freeze again. When water freezes it expands. In the case of your furniture this means it will make those cracks and splits bigger and damage your wood.

Warping – The constant changing in heat and cooling of your wood can also lead the wood itself to start to change shape. What you thought was a flat surface when you were last using it can suddenly be a warped piece of furniture.

Hardware – The changes in temperature during the winter can also start to cause problems with the hardware on your furniture. Often times pieces of hardware will work themselves loose with the constant constriction and release of the wood reacting to the weather. If these are not checked before you try to use the furniture it may fail or become damaged.


So what can you do to stop from having all of these problems with your patio furniture? Prevent the problems in the first place. There are a couple of levels of prevention you can choose from.

The first level of prevention is to keep the precipitation that can cause damage out of the wood. This can be done by investing in outdoor furniture covers. These are meant to help protect your furniture pieces from the weather.

The next method is stopping your furniture from having to be out in the cold. When the winter weather moves in and you know you will not be outside as much anymore, why not bring your furniture in as well. Whether you bring the pieces into the garage or have a storage area where you can put them, bringing them inside for the winter can help them avoid all the problems with the cold weather. This can also help your wood furniture last much longer than it would out in the elements.

Kitchen Remodeling is Fun With Liberty Decorative Hardware

Liberty Hardware is one of the most established makers of decorative hardware. With an experience of more than 65 years, Liberty continues to maintain its unwavering market demand through its quality products.

Liberty provides with all sorts of hardware requirements both for homes as well as offices. Their product range is fairly wide and they produce under reputed brand names like Franklin Brass, Brainerd, Knob Hill and Safety First. Each one of these brands is specialized in different types of hardware categories like bathroom and home accessories, bath safety equipments etc.

If you are looking for a unique furniture hardware assortment that can go well with your kitchen remodeling ideas, Liberty’s elite collection of Decorative Cabinet Hardware can answer all your needs. You can take a look at these models on Liberty’s official website. This will give you a fairly good idea about what you can expect. Through this site you can also locate the nearby dealers in Liberty hardware. And the best part is you can compare the pulls and handles displayed in here by changing its backgrounds to match your cabinet material. These backgrounds belong to different types of wood ranging from dark chestnut finish to unstained whitewood. This option is truly handy in choosing the right kind of hardware for your cabinets and drawers.

If you have painted your kitchen cabinets with some light shade then traditional Satin Chrome pulls and appliance handles can be a perfect choice. This hardware made of solid brass has a silver-like luster and looks extremely strong and stylish. If you wish to give a casual impression to your kitchen decor, then knobs and pulls made of black bronze with copper highlights would be more perfect. The blackish brown color scheme can go well with all types of material — wood, plywood as well as laminates.

Yet another special finish by Liberty that you can consider for your traditional kitchen is “Distressed oil rubbed bronze”. The finish emanates an antique weathered feeling that considerably adds to the significance of your remodeling. This is an exceptional collection that has a special aura to its rich brown gradient color scheme. And the best part about this unique finish is its price. The hardware comes within the price range of 20 to 25 dollars or even lower with a discount offer.

You can get durability and fashion combined to perfection with Liberty’s contemporary designer collection finished with polished brass. It consists of stylish pulls and knobs polished with bright and exotic colors. This exclusive hardware selection can cost you around 30 dollars per piece, but it is worth the price paid.

How to Paint on Wood Furniture

Most furniture is made of timber due to its durability, aesthetic quality and it’s very easy to be sculpted into any shapes. However, it is also an organic material where after a period of time, its former shine may wear off and starts to look dull. In order to extend the lifespan of your timber furniture, you may need to do some maintenance work on it after a while. The common thing to do would be apply a fresh coat of paint on it.

Personally I prefer stained finish furniture but nowadays with advance technology, all sorts of colors are readily available for your choosing. I’m going to share with you in this article on apply a fresh coat of paint on your favorite timber furniture.

If you have painted or stained wood furniture that you would like to apply a new elegantly painted finish, follow the steps below.

1) Move your timber furniture to a place which is well ventilated.

2) Remove all furniture hardware, drawers or doors which you do not want to paint on. You also need to tape off any parts that won’t need to be painted on.

3) Buy a paint remover and read the instructions at the back of the container to make sure you get the correct type for your application in order to achieve optimum results. Remove all the old stain and paint from the furniture using the paint remover.

4) Sand the furniture thoroughly to make the surface smooth and to make sure that all of the old paint or stain is completely removed. Wipe down the sanded furniture with a damp rag to remove all of the dust. Let it completely dry.

5) Paint 2 coats of quality oil based primer following the instructions on the back of the primer container. Let it completely dry after each application before you applying the next coat. Allow at least 2 hours for it to dry.

6) Paint the furniture with your desired color of paint. Use a light coat and let the coat completely dry. Apply a second light coat of paint. You may have to repeat this step several times to get your desired result. Make sure each coat is completely dry before the next application.

7) Apply the finishing wax to protect your newly painted furniture following the instructions on the container. Make sure to let the furniture completely dry before using.

Now you have the knowledge of turning your seasoned furniture into a brand new item within your living room! Happy painting!

Tips and Tools for Flossing More Effectively

Chances are, even if you know you should be flossing at least once a day, you may not be doing it consistently or correctly. Brushing, while important, isn’t enough to keep your teeth healthy. Flossing after meals is recommended, but if you can only floss once a day, right before bedtime is the most ideal time to do it.

This is because saliva, your mouth’s natural defense against the buildup of bacteria, slows while you sleep. Any kind of debris left in your teeth when you go to bed has a full night to feed bacteria and contribute to decay.

Signs that your flossing technique needs some work

Bleeding gums when brushing or flossing are a sign of gingivitis, a form of periodontal disease. Luckily, gingivitis is reversible with proper brushing, flossing and regular visits to your dentist for cleanings.

Without intervention, gingivitis can progress to a more advanced condition known as periodontitis, which is not reversible without intervention from your dental hygienist.

A disclosing solution will highlight areas that haven’t been getting cleaned properly by turning plaque a bright purple or pink color. If you are seeing a lot of buildup between teeth where brushing alone can’t reach, this is a sign that you need to concentrate on flossing more thoroughly.

How to floss correctly

Take about 18-24 inches of floss – around 2 feet or so – and wind a long piece at either end around your middle fingers. Leave enough space in the middle to use on your teeth.

Hold the floss tightly between your index finger and thumb, and slide the floss up and down between teeth. Move the floss up and down only, not side to side, as this motion can wear notches in to your teeth over time.

Gently pull the floss around the curve of each tooth as you work your away around the mouth. It is important to reach below the gum line, but do not force or snap the floss in to place; you may injure sensitive gum tissue.

Make sure to switch to clean sections of floss as you progress.

What type of floss should you use?

There are a variety of flosses available on the market, depending on your particular needs. Use whatever feels comfortable for consistent flossing.

If there are spaces between your teeth, dental tape is ideal. Teeth that are packed tightly together may require thinner, Teflon-based floss.
Woven yarn floss is great for problem areas along the gums and between teeth.

Home Pressure Washer Cleaning Tips and Tools

Spring is upon us and it is time to get busy and get cleaning. With the higher costs of food and gasoline, this year you may be doing more of it yourself than in prior years, but I am here to tell you that if you do it right you can do it yourself. All you need is a little knowhow and the right tools and you are good to go. Let’s start with the pressure washer; having the right pressure washer can really help you clean the place up.

Luckily pressure washers do not cost nearly as much as they use too, of course, not all pressure washers are created equally. You need a pressure washer that is industrial grade or close to it, if you want the right results. But you can purchase a 2200 PSI Pressure washer for under $400.00 and if you purchase the right attachments you will be surprised how easy it is to clean things such as the:

Rain Gutters
Pool Area
Block and Brick Walls
Vinyl Siding
Patio Covers

You need a soft bristle brush and a hard bristle brush and a few various nozzles for the pressure washer such as a zero tip ( be careful), 15, 25, 45 degree tips. For things like wood, screens and vinyl siding, use the 45 degree tip. For concrete the 15 and 25 degree tip work well and for reaching further away places such as the eaves on a two-story home the zero tip will help you get the water up there with pressure to spare. Most higher-end pressure washers include these various nozzle tips. Please for your safety; follow the instructions.

Window Cleaning Tips and Tools From a Window Cleaner

Having a good squeegee channel and squeegee channel handle that match are some of the tools a good window cleaner uses every day.

There are so many different squeegee handles and squeegee channels on the market today. A good tip is to try many different ones and see which ones are a good fit and what you feel comfortable with.

Another good tip is to get to know about the channels and handles. Now you might be saying to yourself, what is this guy talking about. The point is that the handles and the channels are not all interchangeable. You need to know that, so if you’re buying new channels, that you are sure that they are the right fit for your handles. Also, even though you have the same brand of handles and channels, it does not necessarily mean that they are going to fit and be interchangeable.

If you are a professional window cleaner, window washer or even a home owner trying to do home cleaning improvements, it is important to be very careful when buying professional window cleaning supplies. Another good tip is to double check to be sure your channel fits the handle correctly.

Another good tip is get to know the handles by looking at them. Look at them and note the size of the slots. Know if your handles take big or small channels. At any rate you will see what I mean. Just because you’re buying the same brand of handles and channels, does not mean that they are compatible. It seems there is a small learning curve. I have learned like anything else, take your time while choosing your tools, and probably the best tip is to take your handles with you at first when getting replacement channels so you don’t get confused.

Cleaning Tips and Tools

Keeping up with daily household chores can be a daunting and tiresome task to do. However, to achieve the great look of your home, you need to complete occasional deep clean, and general cleaning. You cannot do these tasks all by yourself, what you have to do is to get every member in your family participate. It is easy to enjoy a clean and neat home, but maintaining it as clean as possible all the time can be crucial. Give everyone a role to perform during the cleaning session. Even young ones can get involved by wiping out dirt from small space or helping an older family member clean larger space. Also, if you allow a family member to choose one task to accomplish, it will lessen the workload for the parents as the day ends. Cleaning the entire home does not end the chore, it is also entails a great deal of patience when dealing with home tools and equipments. Take into account the kind of tools when cleaning them. Each tool has its distinct part which means you need different cleaning approach.

Before you sink into the floods of household chores, you need to plan the entire task you will have to do. Your planning will include the lists of supplies and other important tools in cleaning your house. Always make it to the point that everything is in their proper place. Try to make arrangement of the things you need to have. If you fail to do so, you might end up fixing the vacuum in the entire day. You may consider getting a garbage bag around the house with you rather than making repeated trip to and fro. You also need to use the appropriate cleaning materials that will make the job easier.

Once you are finished in cleaning up all the mess, you may proceed on the upper level of the room and make it towards the ground floor. Remove all the unnecessary dirt in all the corners of the room as well as the spider webs. After that, you may start cleaning the shelves starting on its peak. In this manner, all the dirt and dusts will eventually fall down on the floor where it will be easier for you to vacuum. Another tip in cleaning your room is to clean one room at a time. One you are finished with the first room, you will get to experience a fulfillment in your cleaning task. Check all the head boards of your children’s bedroom sets to make sure if this will lasts for a long time.

A clean home is like a dream paradise that will always looks accommodating and inviting. Each home is a highly personal belonging, how you take care of it is completely up to you. If you routinely clean your house, it will appear as good as new all the time. It makes you feel good about yourself when your house is tidy and clean. More importantly, as much as hygiene is concerned, you must maintain a home that is free from disease-causing dirt and microorganisms. It should be conducive to health maintenance and health restoration.

Tips and Tools to Applying Garage Floor Coating

To add a professional finish and help protect your garage flooring you should add a new garage floor coating. Mostly any type of concrete flooring can have the coating applied just as long as it is cleaned and prepared. To properly prepare your floor for the garage floor coating you just need to thoroughly clean it. It must be completely free from oil and oil stains, dirt, dust and any other substance. After you finish washing the floor thoroughly, allow the floor to dry for up to an entire day. If you do not allow the floor to dry long enough, the coating will not stick when you beginning applying.

Once the floor is clean and free from all dirt and debris, your garage floor coating can begin being applied. You want to first apply primer to the floor and when doing so, cover every inch evenly and entirely. You can begin applying the base coat of your floor coating after your primer has fully dried. For most coating tasks you will have a primer, a base coat and a top coat of some sort, but there are some people who prefer to just use one coat of their material on their garage floor. Either way you go just make sure to apply it evenly and thoroughly.

Whether you apply one or two layers of garage floor coating, make sure you allow each layer at least 4 to 6 hours to dry completely. Cracking and other damages can occur to your coating if you do not allow it to properly dry. Applying your coating during too hot or too cold temperatures is not advisable either. You want to apply your coating during temperatures of 55 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit for it to stick the best. Check the forecast as well because if there is rain coming you do not want to start your coating. The moisture that rain causes may make your floor coating to not stick to the floor.

Maintaining the care of your garage floor coating after you have applied it is crucial to how long it lasts. For the first 30 days after applying the coat, do not clean or scrub your garage flooring. You can remove any tire markings you acquire by scrubbing them with a non-abrasive scrubbing pad. Whenever you do start to clean your floor, use soap, water and a standard shop broom brush. Do not use a power washer on your newly coated garage floor as it could cause it to chip or even come off in some sections.

If your garage or work space has a lot of traffic, be it foot or vehicle, you will have to touch up the coating on a regular basis. If you have the coating and right tools you can do your own touch ups within a matter of minutes. To make your garage floor coating stick out and pop even more, add color paint or paint chips to it.