How to Paint on Wood Furniture

Most furniture is made of timber due to its durability, aesthetic quality and it’s very easy to be sculpted into any shapes. However, it is also an organic material where after a period of time, its former shine may wear off and starts to look dull. In order to extend the lifespan of your timber furniture, you may need to do some maintenance work on it after a while. The common thing to do would be apply a fresh coat of paint on it.

Personally I prefer stained finish furniture but nowadays with advance technology, all sorts of colors are readily available for your choosing. I’m going to share with you in this article on apply a fresh coat of paint on your favorite timber furniture.

If you have painted or stained wood furniture that you would like to apply a new elegantly painted finish, follow the steps below.

1) Move your timber furniture to a place which is well ventilated.

2) Remove all furniture hardware, drawers or doors which you do not want to paint on. You also need to tape off any parts that won’t need to be painted on.

3) Buy a paint remover and read the instructions at the back of the container to make sure you get the correct type for your application in order to achieve optimum results. Remove all the old stain and paint from the furniture using the paint remover.

4) Sand the furniture thoroughly to make the surface smooth and to make sure that all of the old paint or stain is completely removed. Wipe down the sanded furniture with a damp rag to remove all of the dust. Let it completely dry.

5) Paint 2 coats of quality oil based primer following the instructions on the back of the primer container. Let it completely dry after each application before you applying the next coat. Allow at least 2 hours for it to dry.

6) Paint the furniture with your desired color of paint. Use a light coat and let the coat completely dry. Apply a second light coat of paint. You may have to repeat this step several times to get your desired result. Make sure each coat is completely dry before the next application.

7) Apply the finishing wax to protect your newly painted furniture following the instructions on the container. Make sure to let the furniture completely dry before using.

Now you have the knowledge of turning your seasoned furniture into a brand new item within your living room! Happy painting!